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H A L L . O F . F A M E


After Fred had learned Russian in POW camp and a military attache in Russia, Fred became a Russian and Political Science Professor at West point and eventually Rider College.  While at Rider College, Fred wanted to peak his students interest, in what may otherwise seem like a dull foreign language class. Fred created the Songbird Hall of Fame, where he taught each of his classes Russian drinking songs, and also brought in the other language professors to teach drinking songs in German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, and Italian!  The students fiercely competed in a contest of song and dance to gain immortal glory by being inducted into the HALL OF SONGBIRD FAME, and would pick up, from the losers, the side bet of beer.The students had all of their friends come to the Rider Pub and cheer on the spectacle, bombarded with song, costume, dance, and fun.

The consensus of the international experts and judges, was that MAGNIFICENT was the best one-word description of the singing and dancing abilities of the semester's convoy of Songbirds.  The names of the teams were quite as amusing as their performances, filled with alliteration and Songbirds alike:

The Volga Vultures; Bolshevik Bluejays (Spring 1974)

Political Pelicans; Trenton Turkeys; Tito's Tweeters (Fall, 1974)

Bolshevik Buzzards; U-2 Cuckoos (Spring, 1975)

Yugoslavian Yellow Belly Sapsuckers; Nato's Crows; Ducklings of Détente (Fall, 1975)

Trotsky's Mexicali Bluebirds; Marx's Melodious Magpies (Spring, 1976)

Hawks of Helsinki; Mao's Mellow Meadowlarks; Fantastically Fabulous Flamboyant French Flamingoes (Fall, 1976)

Trotsky's Tremendously Talented Tufted Titmouse Tenors, Crooning Cardinals of the Comintern; Battling Buzzards of KGB (Spring, 1977)

Lustful Larks of Tongsun Park; Pan-American Primetime Pigeons; Chou En-Lai's Chow Mein Chickens (Fall, 1977)

Carter's Congressional Caucus Cardinals; Very Vicious Vultures of Vladivostok (Spring, 1978)

Perfectly Promiscuous Peking Pigeons, Killer Quails of the KGB, Deadly Doves of the Duma (Fall, 1978)

Lenin's Lackadaisical Loose-lipped Loons, Perpetually Partying Peruvian Peacocks, Money Hungary Oil-Soaked Middle East Mallards (Spring, 1979)

The President's Personal Peanut-Picking Pigeons; The Champion Champagne-Chugging Chickens of the Cold War; Lowly, Lonely, Lobbying Loons (Fall, 1979)

'80s Washington's Wacky Wasted Woodpeckers; The Vastly Victorious Vodka-Drinking Vultures, The Keenly Conniving Kremlin Canaries (Spring, 1980)



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