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Elevator Button Ring


We take the elevator to the highest floor, the one made completely of glass, sleeping bags rolled tightly under our coats. We’re miles above the city when the last guard leaves, and beneath our feet it looks tender, unguarded, the lights softened, our twinned gazes endless. In the dusk it’s a meadow, humming with fireflies. Our bodies tangled, limbs elaborately flung across each other, feline in their softness, their implausibility. We do not know whose hands hold which little glasses of wine, we we secreted up here with the rest of our contraband. We sip them and giggle, as lost in the boldness of us as this whole here adventure, and feeling, for a moment, infinite.

Black Onyx - said to absorb and transform negative energy, helps to prevent the drain of personal energy

Rainbow Moonstone - said to help strengthen intuition

Green Malachite - said to encourage transformation and positive change.

Tiger Eye - said to release fear and anxiety, stimulates taking action, and helps to make decisions with discernment and understanding.

Handmade in the USA

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