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Famous Clubs - The Breakfast Club

Being a club ourselves, we must pay tribute to our fellow club community.  As an ode to all the great clubs of our time, we will be featuring a club here and there.  Since I am a child of the 80s, I have to start with one of the most iconic clubs of all time.  The Breakfast Club.  

The tough kid, the jock, the outsider, the popular girl, the brain. Classic John Hughes.  Stuck in school on a Saturday for detention, they go from not understanding each other and finding themselves so different from one another, to learning that they might not be so different after all.

 How can you not love everything about this movie?

 I recently listened to the Podcast This American Life with Ira Glass, in which he spoke with Molly Ringwald, the red headed popular gal, Claire Standish, from The Breakfast Club.  She now has a daughter of her own, Matilda, who is ten years old.  The dialogue between Ira Glass and Molly Ringwald is incredible, her life has changed so much from the time she was a teenager starring in these classic iconic films, such as Pretty in Pink and 16 Candles, whose themes revolve around the idea that parents just don't understand, to now becoming the overarching antagonist in real life, a mother.  Glass helps Ringwald see the perspective of her daughter Matilda a little more clearly as Ringwald identifies more with the parents of the film now.

To get the full scoop listen to Act Three of  Episode 526: Is That What I Look Like?


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